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General Announcements

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ARO opposes US travel bans

ARO Signs on to Letter with over 150 Other Scientific Societies to Oppose the US Administration’s Proposed Travel Ban Based on its Potentially Adverse Effects on our Mission.

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Masters and PhD Scholarship

Ear Science Institute Australia
(Ear Sciences Centre, The University of Western Australia)

One in six people suffer from hearing loss.  Ear Science Institute Australia researchers are dedicated to creating solutions for ear and hearing disorders.

If you are a Masters or PhD candidate seeking a bright future in hearing science research, we want to hear from you.

Applicants are sought from under-graduate backgrounds in science, medicine and engineering.  To qualify for a top-up scholarship at Ear Science you will need to have achieved excellence at first class Honours level or equivalent (to demonstrate involvement and achievement in research).

We are recruiting students with a particular interest in regenerative medicine:

  • Stem cell biology, cell differentiation and inner ear research
  • Materials and tissue engineering research translation.

Applicants who are successful will join our Ear Science research teams working on regeneration for both the inner and middle ear. This will provide you with invaluable and tangible experience in translational research and through Ear Science Institute Australia’s clinical pillars you will be able to access real world applications.

As part of the Ear Science research team, you will be guided and supervised by world leaders in hearing and regeneration research.  For more information click here.

Ear Science Institute Australia is a world leader in key aspects of ear and hearing research.  Our strengths in research include tissue engineering, cellular and molecular biology, hearing implants and service delivery (including telehealth). Ear Science’s research is focussed on translating the research findings into clinical practice, ensuring that both patients and clinicians receive evidence-based solutions.

Advance Studies Certificate Programs

    Osborne College of Audiology

  • Cochlear Implants
  • Tinnitus and Hyperacusis
  • Vestibular Sciences and Disorders

Click here for the brochure

Giri Sundar, PhD
Director, Distance Education Programs
Phone: 215.780.1238