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If you would like a meeting, workshop, or course notice added to this page, please email your request to the ARO Executive Office at ARO requests reciprocal advertising of our MidWinter Meeting.

AAS Mentoring Conference Organized by students and post-docs of AAS (spAAS)

Friday, October 23, Noon to 2 pm Eastern via Zoom 

Free, registration required:

Overview talks by current AAS President, Sumit Dhar and Student Mentoring Chair, Lisa Hunter will be followed by team-led breakout rooms.  Participants will have the chance to change breakout rooms halfway through the session.  We have an outstanding group of experienced researchers who will lead discussions in the breakout rooms, offer their perspectives and interact with small groups of students, post-docs and early stage researchers and clinicians.

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Acoustics Virtually Everywhere
The 179th Meeting of the
Acoustical Society of America
7-11 December 2020

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Vestibular-Oriented Research Meeting

February 16-17,2021 (from noon to 6 p.m. Eastern time)
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2021 Conference on Implantable Auditory Prostheses (CIAP)
Granlibakken Conference Center
Lake Tahoe, California
July 11-16, 2021
An international research conference on cochlear implants and auditory brainstem implants
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