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HI-ARO: Hearing-impaired ARO

HI-ARO is an informal group of ARO MWM attendees and ARO members with hearing loss. Three main goals are:

  • To learn more about accessibility services at MWM
  • To provide an informal vertical mentoring network
  • To organize the annual HI-ARO dinner usually on the first night of the MWM

To join HI-ARO, please register at the sign up tab at the bottom of

 HI-ARO began at the 1992 MWM with three deaf scientists and others over a case of beer. More recently in 2015, Tilak Ratnanather’s work with HI-ARO was recognized with a Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring.

2018 HI-ARO members and guests

2017 HI-ARO members and guests

Image courtesy of Randy J. Kulesza, Jr. and Yusra Mansour

Description: 3D reconstructions of the nuclei of the Superior Olivary Complex of a neurotypical child (left;8-year-old female) compared to that of a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (right;8-year-old male).